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Nearly 300 grant-making foundations and corporations belong to Philanthropy New York. They award well over $7 billion a year to charitable organizations in the New York area and around the world. Philanthropy New York members make grants in a vast number of areas, including community development, the environment, education, and health and human services. They have aided front-line responses to such tragedies as Hurricane Sandy, the Japanese tsunami, the Haitian earthquake and Hurricane Katrina. They strive to lessen poverty, hunger, inequity, and injustice. They advocate for the elderly, the disabled, women, children, young people, and families.

Philanthropy New York organizes and supports a variety of  funder based working groups focused on specific issues. Some of these groups – like the Education Working Group, the Health Policy Working Group and Funders for Women and Girls – are housed at Philanthropy New York and others are based elsewhere; some are associated with national groups and some operate completely independently of similarly focused national groups. Regardless, our goal is connect funders with the issues they care about and the colleagues who can help them advance their philanthropic objectives. For more, visit